Why Insurance Is More Important Than Ever for Tradies

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Tradies are some of the most important workers in all of Australia and keep society moving along by servicing needs related to lighting, plumbing, carpentry, construction and many more. It is unfortunate, then, that many tradies remain uninsured and consider insurance something for larger companies and home owners, not for individual tradies. The truth is that tradies insurance can save you a ton of money, especially when it comes to damage you incur on a site, and it can save you big headaches later on. By being prepared and insured you remove all uncertainty about your future as a tradie.

What Exactly Is Tradies Insurance?

Tradies insurance is a broad term for a bunch of different options that deal with tradesmen and tradeswomen and their tools. There is no overarching 'tradies insurance' but rather a bunch of different options that you can pick and choose from. This saves you money by not forcing you to pay for insurance that is not relevant for you. Some of the basic cover options are the following:

  • Public liability: This covers you from claims made by a third party for damage caused by you, either to property or to a person.
  • Personal accident: If you get injured onsite or your injury is a result of your trade, this insurance can cover your medical expenses and the time you take off work.
  • General property: This is very relevant to tradies; it covers your tools and equipment if they are stolen or sustain unexpected damage.

Am I Not Covered By My Employer's Insurance?

This is a complicated question, but the short answer is, not always. Often construction sites will have public liability insurance, but rarely will they have general property insurance for you and your tools. You also may not be covered from individual claims against you, nor the company you work for, which means their insurance would not help you. Talk to your foreman if you are concerned about your level of cover, but remember, it never hurts to be too safe.

What Options Do I Need?

It can be hard to cut through the legal jargon associated with cover options when it comes to insurance. The best way to get cover tailored to you is to go in and talk with a representative who knows the ins and outs of your type of insurance. Remember though, they may try and up-sell you on some insurance options. Before you go in, know what you need and ask for the cover that pertains to those areas. This will protect you from making rash purchases that you may make if you are unprepared when you go into your meeting with an insurance representative.