What are the most important types of business insurance?

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Deciding what type of insurance a business needs can be a slightly tricky process, and a costly one if not done properly. Business insurance can vary quite widely in terms of the different types of policies available, and it is important to only get what is needed and not pay for any insurance that is not appropriate. Having a specific plan can help guide any business owner down the right path.

Business insurance planning

The most important step in this process is for the business owner to clearly identify their business activities and the risks associated with them. Some people may be tempted to skip this part if they think they know their business. Putting it on paper and identifying risk presents a much clearer picture of how to manage the risk.

Identifying risk is something the business owner may have already done to an extent when setting up a business. If not, there are a number of risk models available that can be used. Once the risk analysis has been done, the risks need to be managed. This can be done by taking steps to minimise risks wherever possible, both short- and long-term. Then it is necessary to decide what type of insurance is needed.

Types of business insurance

There are numerous types of business insurance policies, but the main ones will apply to most companies and businesses of any size, including home-based businesses. There may be special considerations for home-based businesses, especially if customers or clients are visiting the business owner's home.

Any type of business needs to have insurance that will cover its premises, its equipment, its products and its vehicles against different types of loss, ranging from fire and storm damage to burglary and fraud.

It may also be necessary to have some type of insurance for when any loss of or damage to assets causes a significant business interruption and the assets need to be quickly replaced. Some businesses may also need goods-in-transit insurance, which may be arranged for their own vehicles or a third-party haulier.

It is highly likely that any business will need some type of liability insurance. There are different types of liability insurance. These types differ in scope and nature and sometimes overlap each other. The risk identification process should allow the business owner to decide which is most appropriate.

Insurance broker

Although business insurance can sometimes seem quite costly, not having any insurance or not having the proper type of insurance normally proves even more costly, and it can even be disastrous for a business. That's why having an insurance broker can be invaluable. A good broker not only knows the business insurance market but can also help the business owner identify their risks and manage them. 

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